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Learning + Fun = Perfect Weekend of Fiction and Non Fiction Audiobook Narration

They say that this crazy business is a marathon, not a true. About a year ago I met Johnny Heller at the #MAVO convention. In our "bar" conversations it was mentioned that I am co -owner of Adventure Brewing Co in Virginia...can you imagine the conversation that ensued? I met some friends of his that live in Virginia as well and a sketchy plan was set.

Fast forward to VO Atlanta. I'm standing at the satellite bar and I hear a familiar voice over the crowd..."Hey! Adventure Brewing!!" I figured no one else had that moniker. Turning around I see Johnny bee-lining me. If you have ever taken a session with Mr. Heller, you know he is a bundle of energy..."Hey...shit, I forgot your name...we need to DO THIS!" I re-introduce myself. "I'm talking with Sean and he wants to come with me and I'll bring Jo Anna." I'm blank...does he mean Sean Pratt and Jo Anna Perrin? or are there other famous narrators with those names? I let it go, coz, well, I don't want to look like an idiot. As he is reaching for his drink he says "get in touch". No exchange of contact info...just "get in touch". I love that about him!

It finally happened. We shut down our location in Fredericksburg VA for this very special event and on Saturday morning I was eagerly awaiting their arrival. He said they would be there at 9:30. I get there at 8:15 to make sure everything is perfect. Well, 9:30 passes, then 9:45 and I'm starting to sweat. Did I have the date wrong? But he texted and said they were settling in...I see one of the attendees walking across the parking lot...I'm starting to panic, but of course, finally they arrive.

Over two days, we learn from the best. Fiction narration on Saturday and non-fiction on Sunday. Learning, laughing, reading, coaching and of course, beers. SO. MUCH. FUN.


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