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Cheers to Stephanie Johnson: A True Community Champion

A man and woman at Adventure Brewing, toasting each other's a really important word to me. Some of you know this, but some don't, so here's a little insight on why community is so important to me. We moved A LOT when I was a kid and were weren't military. I went to 2 different Middle Schools and 4 different high schools. It made growing up a strange thing. Never having a place I call "home". Not having "besties", always being the "new kid", Then later, not having high school reunions that lots of folks have. I didn't want that for my kids growing up, so when we settled in Stafford, I was going to be the most highly engaged community person I could be.

When my old friend Dori asked to do a story on me, I was like, "Dor, you know so many more interesting people than me." She didn't think so.

This is such an incredible be called a Community Champion. I think more than anything, this moniker would be more appropriate in the context of surrounding myself with community champions. From the life long friends I met way back when my kids were in preschool, the incredible educators (Dori is one of them) and administrators I've had the absolute pleasure of working for and with. The local and state political types that I have had the pleasure to speak to about what matters in our community. The incredible theatre community I found in Fredericksburg. The partners that helped us build Adventure Brewing and the customers who hang out there, and my VO community. Some days I don't think I could navigate this crazy VO Life without you!

Thank you to those community champions around me, those educators, volunteers, actors, directors, back stage folks, students, state and local leaders, my Adventure fam and my VO fam. Thanks for letting me be a part of YOUR community!

I am one lucky person.


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